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Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Greater sameness does not create greater results. We avoid. John Maxwell. Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR. John C. Maxwell. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” I do know this about growth. It can either mean progress or catastrophe for any one person. Wondering about meaning and purpose. In order to survive, endure or continue to function, changes must be made. Changes in … ©2020 The African Centre for Public Speaking. Start living. This new perspective can help you shift from resistance to seeing and acting on new ideas or opportunities. This is what “growth is optional” means—we either let the change define us or we define it and move forward. Stoicism is a philosophy that teaches control in the face of unpredictability. We will enlighten. “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. Growth is optional. The leadership team challenges each other to integrate this foundational value into the daily dynamics of how people think, work, look at challenges, see opportunities and respond to the fast-paced world of construction. The Opposite of Networking is NOT WORKING. Ultimately, not much is changing and we are improving our services to the communities we support. • Model it. Design a road map that sheds light on what’s real and what’s possible. Go with the flow, ride the waves and adopt a resilient mindset. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, lack of control or predictability, lack of clarity of vision or direction, fear of making a mistake, lack of belief in what’s possible are all driving factors for the discomfort we feel when we face change. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. It takes us off track, out of our groove (or rut), and on a detour or course correction. One of my clients has defined “adaptability” as core to who they are and how they operate. If you are in a mental state of readiness for change, you can “initiate and respond to change in ways that create advantage, minimize risk and sustain performance,” according to consultant Torben Rick. So, join me and partner-up ... for your growth! What we can control, is what we do with the change. John C. Maxwell said that change is inevitable, growth is optional; and that's true. My wife and I have lived in 8 places during our marriage. We constantly put out fires we started. John Maxwell. They are proactive advocates for what’s on the horizon. Be intentional in all things! See all Articles by Suzanne McKenna Get Updates on Transformation Get Updates on Suzanne McKenna. Our lives have changed forever as a whole new world emerges. Bu as the quote so truly goes: Change is Inevitable. Change is inevitable – growth is optional. Choose growth. Change is inevitable, growth is optional. We can’t control or stop change from happening. Change is necessary. What happens when a tree stops growing? Change is uncomfortable and even painful, but it helps us get back to life – where we can grow forward once again. Figured these words of wisdom may help someone so I put this video together. so let us spend more time, focusing in our future, by allowing the process of change to take effect, no matter how painful, demanding or even lonely it might be to us. Change is Inevitable…Growth is Optional. Keeping an open mind and adapting to change, rather than forceful opposition will enable one to "go with the flow" and experience growth. Change in this life is inevitable. The word "Change" is ment to mean life and anything in it. trashtorch reblogged this from annious-meowous. The world is always changing. Having a mindset of openness to what is new and different can create a culture of innovation. Love and blessings, Laura Pedersen . To grow you must see the value in yourself to add value to yourself and others. Based on these insights and others shared during the webinar, the primary takeaway for small businesses is that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Change is inevitable, growth is optional. The idea of change can trigger all kinds of stress, such as feelings of being scattered, frustrated, pressured and even out of control or overwhelmed. Growth is optional. We have seen different cultures, perspectives and belief systems. Send an email to Is there perhaps an attitude, an activity or a habit in your life that may need to change? Hosts: Tina Graf … Growth is optional. We can choose to respond in ways that support growth, or we can react (or not respond) in ways that create more stress and strife. It may mean giving up familiar but limiting patterns, safe but unrewarding work, values no longer believed in, and relationships that have lost their meaning.” – John C. Maxwell. "Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice." Growth is optional. • Organizations don’t change. To resist and fight against necessary change, can cause suffering to linger. Do you know the meaning of CD9, curve and snatched? • Put yourself in new situations. As we meditate, we work to understand our reactivity and attempt to move towards thoughtful response. One Perspective: Change is inevitable, but growth is optional; choose wisely Karen Natal, Dolan Media Newswires But what if we change the way we see, think about, interact with and adapt to change? So for now, nothing is really changing. I heard this quote recently and I think it speaks directly to a particular way of living. Change is inevitable. Change also occurs in social orders over time with much the same result. What does this mean to their bottom line? You must know yourself to grow yourself, and it is hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow. • Provide real-time feedback. Choose growth. "Change is inevitable. You can find out more about becoming a Women of … The Inevitability of Change 09/29/2014 04:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Change is inevitable, but we must try to embrace these persistent ups and downs and learn to … Hope it reaches you. OD emphasizes change in organizations that is planned and implemented deliberately. "Optional" means you can if you would like to. Whether it was Ben Franklin, Buddha or Heraclitus (the internet seems to be very conflicted on source for this one) they too had it figured out long ago when it was said “Change is the only constant.. Change is inevitable, my friends. Even though we often fear it, change is one of the few things guaranteed in life. Don’t let the unknown be the boogeyman. Growth is optional.” If they are doing something right — catch them in the act, acknowledge and reward them. Change is Inevitable, Progress is Optional by SBNR Staff The following contains excerpts of a sermon preached at First Church of Christ, Congregational, 1652, Farmington, CT, By the Rev. Seeing people grow beyond unhealthy patterns has been the most rewarding part of my career. Change is inevitable. Snyder in Flint water probe, ABA launches initiative to help measure effectiveness of regulatory reforms, Could Trump face charges for speech before Capitol riot? We change priorities. Change means breaking comfortable patterns. Growth is Intentional.” —Attributed to Glenda Cloud A somewhat recent movement in many cities is the community garden. The Inevitability of Change 09/29/2014 04:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Change is inevitable, but we must try to embrace these persistent ups and downs and learn to … We often think we are rational beings, but more often than not we make decisions based on our emotions. Some are quotes from other people (like the John C. Maxwell quote in the headline), some are our own (e.g. For me, these words still play the inevitable part of my life. Life is full of constant change, and many of those changes are beyond our control. Start your week with a motivational kick. But what if we change the way we see, think about, interact with and adapt to change? Change is Inevitable. ‘change is inevitable, growth is optional’ = time marches on and we cannot stop it. if you want to make enemies try to change something in your life.people don’t want to change and they don’t want you to change and they don’t want things to change and so the moment you meet a person who wants to change things enemies are automatically created. Experts differ on Brandenburg impact, How Lawyers' Newfound Self-Reliance Will Change Staffing | The Pandemic Is Keeping Employment Lawyers Plenty Busy | Amazon Hit With Price-Fixing Suit Over E-Books: The Morning Minute, Rate Pressure and Rising Expenses Are Expected to Challenge Firms in 2021, Court allows execution of Corey Johnson to proceed after COVID-19 diagnosis, Search Wayne County Delinquent Taxes subject to Foreclosure in 2021, One Perspective: Change is inevitable, but growth is optional; choose wisely. I am on Twitter… Nyerere Road, Nairobi Growth is optional.” John Maxwell. In fact, many business gurus argue that businesses now face increased levels of dynamic change (change upon change upon change) due to stresses in our economies, societies and natural world leading to increased volatility in the business environment. “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” - John Maxwell When the pandemic hit, the world around us changed how each of us operated in our daily world. (Life is change, growth is optional) I would suggest the meaning is something like ‘Change is inevitable, but (personal and spiritual) growth does not necessarily follow just because things change, so you have to make your own decisions to achieve that’. The most evident reality in life is change. Life starts at the edge of your comfort zone. There are two ways we can take this change - we can let it weigh us down and hide from it, or, we can embrace the opportunity that change of any sort can provide - the chance to grow, adapt, learn and explore new ways to do things. Carey’s displays have shown he is not the answer at the top. And doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is one definition of insanity. Change is inevitable... Growth is optional. Change is inevitable but growth is optional. Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional - Choose Wisely! Besides creating strife, change can ignite feelings of excitement and anticipation that often accompany the thought of new possibilities. Not only are we giving our peace of mind, our soundness, our balance, but we’re also giving control of ourselves.
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