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It reads “Too bad! What happened? Where's my account? You should post your domain if you have any questions about how some (specific) suspensions work. Shopkick is a shopping rewards app that gives you points called “kicks” for making online or in-store purchases from certain stores.. The overall rating of the company is 2.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. 6) Invite as many friends as possible. How Much Can You Make With Shopkick? I started February of 2013 and by October 2013 just have this banned saying I was not following … The hits should be unlimited. With the merger, Shopkick aims to add a touch of digital to the physical store experience. It will not let me link my phone number to my account it says my phone number is not supported why is that? I still have not received any indication of my complaint. Check our FAQ, For more information about PissedConsumer check out our — Shopkick (@Shopkick) June 4, 2019. Aftr my monthly hits how ? I have worked so hard on the website for my business for it to be gone just like that. At your consent at login, the Shopkick app receives access to data in your login account, whether it is a Google Account, a Yahoo Account, an AOL Account, or an Outlook Account. ShopKick suspended my account for no reason and I can not hear from them, they say look at the rules but I do not see anything I have done to break the rule. I don’t know why any of us got suspended however i would like to able to still use the app even if the account that got destroyed is not in my possession. Iam upgrade now my free profreehost account to super premium. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Beware! My website is suddenly gone. I have been unable to link my Visa for several days with my bank saying it is on Shopkicks end. If we cannot help you find a reason why your account was suspended, you can contact the admin, by using the following email: To contact admin, use the following email:, @JeanPierre said: Plus, you don't even have to shop to earn points, so it's entirely free and Shopkick will never charge you a dime. Can I change my profile picture? We understand the frustration and want to be very clear about what happened today. Do you have something to say about ShopKick? Review #2354028 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #2349909 is a subjective opinion of poster. Have fun earning rewards points (kicks) when you walk into partner store, scan select products, or make purchases. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact ShopKick to ask questions about: Account, Cards, Request for Information. Just tried to call &;;;; got a message "this number does not accept phone calls". User's recommendation: If it worked it would be great. Today’s post comes from Stephen’s wife, Rebecca, who works alongside Stephen in their full-time FBA business. How can I keep track of daily resource limit? First the post, and now spamming multiple times? is a redirect that happens when your website gets suspended or terminated. Developer Response , I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. Download now! We are processing your message. Review #2343841 is a subjective opinion of poster. I have proof for my presence at the stores, but they dont care. Shopkick App: This Woman Made $1,200 Walking in and Scanning Bar Codes at Her Favorite Stores - Duration: 1:32. hello all, where to pay for Profreehost Premium because of my account has been suspended (daily limits)? thank you! Unlike FourSquare, Shopkick does not have to work with a Global Positioning System (GPS), to determine users' locations. Right now, we cannot provide help on this, please contact @admin by using the following email address: Some post that demand for us to take action will be deleted at the risk of you getting your account banned for 48 hours. TheCrafters If you're already shopping there, it's easy to scan a few barcodes as you stroll the aisles, and the points can add up this way. I have worked so hard on the website for my business for it to be gone just like that. @dalviparag78 said: Thank You for Your Reply! Contacted customer service, so far no response. Earn rewards and get FREE gift cards with Shopkick! Unfortunately your account history indicates that you have not followed the shopkick rules (see them in Settings > FAQs & Rules). How do I log back into my account? I don’t know why any of us got suspended however i would like to able to still use the app even if the account that got destroyed is not in my possession. when a site gets hit by a DoS or DDoS, it is not by accident. Discuss anything about Shopkick! I emailed for help, nothing. When I try to put my phone number to get my gift card it tells me that my phone number is in use .but it is the first card that I want to obtain, hopefully you can help me please thank you . Well my site is either suspended or hacked for that matter. We do not unsuspened accounts on the forums. @Nimmimonie said: The small group of users who were banned today were banned because they had scanned products from websites in the past week instead of only scanning products in stores. Keep in mind that Super Premium still has bandwith and disk space limits, while Ultimate is almost unlimited and your website will perform better! I have only use one of my 25 gift card. i did nothing so why this? Shopkick suspended my account the moment I tried to redeem my kicks. If they do not respond within 24-48 Hours, try contacting them again.
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