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^50% discount is based on buying an Annual Manchester Student bus pass at £265, where equivalent travel for 10 months using megarider Xtra tickets would … For eligibility requirements, please call (843) 724-7420. Points of Purchase. All rights reserved. Simply call (843) 724-7420 and let our operations staff pair you with a CARTA Ambassador! GO!Bus and PASS do not utilize The Wave. card can ride fixed-routes for free. Department of Health Face Covering Order STA to Enforce Department of Health Face Covering Order - Stringent Safety and Sanitation Protocols Continue Read More (Valid Photo ID and Medicare/Medicaid Card required), Veterans and Active Duty Military: $.75 North Charleston, SC 29406 RIPTA offers a special Reduced Fare Bus Pass Program that allows qualifying low-income seniors (age 65 or over) and low-income persons with disabilities to travel at no cost. Want to ride, but not sure how? Minimum purchase amount is $5.00. You may exchange the paper pass for a reusable Compass Card at the Transit Store on the day of purchase or the next business day if the Transit Store is closed when you purchase your pass (after hours, weekends or holidays). – Unaccompanied age 13-17 with Student Freedom Pass (ride free) In all cases, the Student Freedom Pass will expire two months after the student’s expected high school graduation date, or the 18th birthday, whichever is later. Passes may be obtained at the following locations: PLEASE NOTE: High school, middle and elementary school students are not required to have ID cards. (Valid Veteran/Military Photo ID required), ADA Certified: Free Bearer may use this pass without limitation on any number of trips. If you are travelling more than three days a week, the quickest way to buy a ticket is on our mTicket app.We know that everyone uses bus passes differently, that’s why we have lots of tickets and passes available to suit your needs. Amazon Service Addition New Weekday Morning Trips Beginning December 7 Read More. All rights reserved. A NEW PASS WILL NEED TO BE PURCHASED THE 31ST DAY FROM THE PASS ACTIVATION DATE PRINTED ON PASS. Where to Purchase The Wave Card. Discounted transit passes. The last day a pass can be purchased for the current month is the 10th. • Piggly Wiggly Ortranto Rd. All passes are valid on FlexRide service. Bearer of a monthly pass or student semester pass does not have to show his or her ID to board the bus. CARTA takes you to most hospitals, libraries, grocery stores, shopping centers and service agencies throughout the Charleston area. Call 843.724.7420, Regular routes and flex service free for children under 6, Must be accompanied by a paying passenger. 31-Day Pass: The 31-Day Pass is acceptable as fare for … For Senior Citizen IDs, RTS will also honor a valid driver’s license. Learn how much your trip will cost and discover the ease of paying with the OC Bus App on your smartphone. There are lots of ways to save money on bus and train travel, for young people living in West Yorkshire PLEASE NOTE: We have moved to a new online ordering system. To use the disabled fare, you must receive a Disabled Fare ID Card issued at the SC Works Charleston Career Center. You can also pick up your schedule at the Rosa Parks RTS Downtown Station, on any RTS bus or download it from our website here. Local Monthly Pass is valid for local and limited bus, and rail travel in one or two fare zones. If your child assigned a Port Authority bus pass, he/she can obtain the pass from his/her school. (No ID necessary). We honor Medicare/Medicaid cards. Shands employees ride fixed-route service with no fee required by simply showing their employee Gator 1 photo ID badge. If you need trip planning assistance, please refer to our trip planner or call (843) 724-7420 to speak to administration. Qualifications must be re-verified every 6 months to be eligible to use the discount fare. Discounts may be available if you have a school group that would like to use CARTA for a field trip or area outing. Once the pass is in your child's possession it is your child's responsibility. If you have previously ordered a Young Persons, 16-18 or Scholars PhotoCard online, you must still create a new account. **The semester pass is a four-month fare product available to students registered at a participating post-secondary institution that is available for the terms of January – April, May – August or September – December of each year. All other value passes can be purchased at Votran's Transfer Plaza or Main Office at 950 Big Tree Road South Daytona. That’s the ticket! Pass is valid only for month purchased. Pick up is available from our main office, M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm; Student passes are available for student attended eligible institutions. Passes are great if you ride regularly, prefer not to carry exact change, or are visiting and plan to use CARTA services to get around Charleston. Senior FREE Ride Day-Annual promotion to encourage seniors (55+) to learn about the system and as a thank you to our regular senior riders. If you’re interested in becoming a CARTA Ambassador, or wish to be paired with one, please call (843) 724-7420 or email us at Main Office, Affiliate cards not valid. A pass on an ORCA card is good for unlimited rides on transit systems throughout the region in a calendar month.. You can buy a pass at any of these retail outlets or online.. Note: Update 11/2019–Weekly passes for fixed route and Express routes NOW AVAILABLE. The SC Works Charleston Career Center “Go”: Get step-by-step transit directions and notifications about when to leave for your trip and when to get off the bus. Fare - $95.65 Discount Fare - Not applicable An upgrade must be purchased to use a Local Monthly Pass for Regional or Airport service. No fee required. Transfers between differing bus types are not allowed. Adult Fare; Disability Fare; Senior Fare; TheHandi-Van Bus Fare; U-Pass; U.S. Medicare Fare; Youth Fare; footer menu Fares System Map Transit Centers Real-Time Bus Arrival Road Conditions: footer menu Customer Comment City & County of Honolulu Safety & Security Web Services API: Please note: CARTA does not replace or refund lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed passes. For students (age 10 through high school), a current school class schedule or student ID must be provided when purchasing a Student bus pass. Bearer of a monthly pass or student semester pass does not have to show his or her ID to board the bus. The RTS Employee Bus Pass Program was created to mitigate traffic and parking problems at the University of Florida and Downtown and to encourage employees to use public transit as an alternative mode of transportation. 7-Day Pass: Good for unlimited rides for 7 days from first boarding until end of the service the 7th day. If you take multiple bus trips each day or more than 18 roundtrips a month, we recommend a monthly pass. Sun, 8am-9pm Fares are half price for seniors, youths and the persons with disabilities. The Regional Transit System staff is ready to present the program to you and provide informational materials for you to distribute to your employees. » You can use a credit/debit card to make pass purchases at Main Street Station, the Happy Day Transit Center and the Valley Regional Transit administrative offices in downtown Meridian. Note: Certified shipping requires a signature by somebody 18 years or older. Note: Monthly pass is not valid on special service routes. Pleasant North Charleston, SC 29406 Passengers can not receive a transfer using a transfer. RIPTA also complies with federal transit guidelines and offers half-fare boarding to seniors and persons with disabilities, regardless of income, during OFF PEAK hours. Find the best student bus pass for you Wherever you're going while you're at uni, we can get you there on our buses, all you need to do is pick the best student bus pass for your needs and away you go. Fare - $112.50 Discount Fare - $56.25 1-Month Pass - Corporate Discount Program 4-99 passes Fare - $101.25 Discount Fare - Not applicable 1-Month Pass - Corporate Discount Program 100 or more passes. The City of Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) offers an employer program to help make a transition to riding public transit easier: the RTS Employee Bus Pass Program. For questions regarding eligibility and requirements, email or call (843) 724-7420. Pleasant Visitor Center 3664 Leeds Ave. The RTS Employee Bus Pass Program doesn’t require time from the employer’s personnel to administer the program since an employee ID is all that is needed once a contract is completed. One (1) child, 5 years and under FREE when traveling with a fare-paying passenger AND does not occupy a seat. Countdowns: Get real-time predictions based on data from the transit agency. Mon – Sun, 9am-5pm, North Charleston Please check back periodically for any changes to the policy. All City General Government and GRU employees ride fixed-route service with no fee required by simply showing their employee photo ID badge. The SC Works Charleston Career Center Not valid on special services. Proof of age may be requested. Transfers are timed and travel on all routes to complete your trip should be conducted during the time allotted on the transfer ticket. Note: Not valid on special services such as Gator Aider, etc. 7-Day Pass : Valid for 7 consecutive days from the first tap. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Gator 1 ID card required on City Routes only. Passes of higher value may be used on routes with a lesser monthly pass value. Dates for 2020 are below: A discount fare is available to the disabled and can be used on all Fixed Routes, all day, every day. Discover how you can pay your fare electronically with the tap of a pass or card. At this time and until further notice, we are waiving the certified mail fee. Route 23 : Oaks Mall to Santa Fe via Ft. Clarke Blvd. 1270 Yeamen’s Hall Rd Learn the ropes and make a new friend. Student passes allow unlimited use on all regular fixed routes and can be used on premium services like CARTA Express with an additional $1.00. Butler Plaza Transfer Station is located at 4231 SW 30th Avenue. Downtown MBL UNLIMITED STUDENT MONTHLY PASS ($30.00 per card) Montebello Bus Lines offers a monthly pass for students currently enrolled in grades K-12. These rides are offered by appointment at a cost of $3 per trip. Passes may be obtained at the following locations: Bus Driver: All Day Pass … As a pilot program, all students through age 18 ride for free in the CARTA service area. Please read below for information on this program. Whether you’re on your way to a lecture or need a safe ride home from a well-deserved night out, we’re making your journey easier and cheaper. Student: Age 6-13. Unlimited travel from the beginning of the month through to the last day of the month. SC Works Career Center How does this pass work? PLEASE NOTE: Monthly pass is not valid on special service routes. Fares & Passes Transit customers are encouraged to download the rideRTC transit app to plan your trip, buy your passes and GO! If you have any questions please contact customer service at 843-724-7420. Transfers can be made to another bus routed of the same type or same direction. Programs and cost vary for each institution. Any exceptions … Based on federal guidelines, a senior citizen is 65 years or older. Children: Free From single rides to 30-Day passes. The goal of this program is to provide unlimited access to the transit system for employees of contracted participants to diminish the cost per trip compared to regular bus fare. Pass sales at Piggly Wiggly stores will continue unless the stores close due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Passes purchased from unauthorized sources are invalid. Price Wise All Metro Passes are good for unlimited rides on Metro bus and rail. Fares & Passes. Daily, weekly, monthly, termly and yearly passes are available, though not for all areas. If you ride the bus on a regular basis, you may consider purchasing a monthly pass, which offers convenience and savings. Unlimited rides for the entire month on MBL. Service Alerts: Keep on top of schedule changes, stop relocations and other unexpected surprises. Passes* may be obtained at the following locations: The Rosa Parks RTS Downtown Station is located at 700 SE 3rd Street. View GRT's fare prices. All pass sale locations, prices and mailing cost have returned to regular rates. Transfers will be issued in the same manner; passengers will need to ask the driver for a transfer when they board the bus and pay their fare. Every year CARTA has one day per quarter that seniors riders 55+ can ride all routes for free. An All-Day Pass can be purchased on any Votran bus. Phone: (843) 574-1810 Ask your bus operator for the 1-Day Pass before placing your money in the farebox. With the RTS Employee Bus Pass Program, workers simply show their employee IDs and board the bus – it’s that simple. Route 24 : Rosa Parks Transfer Station to Job Corps, Route 26 : Rosa Parks Transfer Station To Airport, Route 27 : Rosa Parks Transfer Station to NE Walmart Supercenter, Route 28 : Hub to Butler Plaza Transfer Station, Route 33 : Butler Plaza Transfer Station to Midtown, Route 36 : Reitz Union To Williston Plaza, Route 37 : Reitz Union to Butler Plaza Transfer Station, Route 46 : Reitz Union to Rosa Parks Transfer Station, Route 75 : Oaks Mall To Butler Plaza Transfer Station, Route 117 : Reitz Union to Park and Ride #2 SW 34 Street, Route 150 : Haile Plantation to UF Campus, Route 711 : Rosa Parks Transfer Station To Eastwood Meadows, Route 800x : Butler Plaza Transfer Station to Santa Fe College, Santa Fe College (online students only – not full-time students), University of Florida (online students only – not full-time students). Expires at 3am on the following day after first use. A new pass will need to be purchased on the 1st of the following month. (ADA Photo ID required), City College Students: $.75 We’ve added new fareboxes to make your bus ride even better! Includes: All Metro services. Open Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. A valid Student ID is required at time of purchase for: PLEASE NOTE: High school, middle and elementary school students are not required to have ID cards. This allows Votran to offer more pass options. Regional/Airport Monthly Pass is valid for local, limited, regional and SkyRide bus, and train travel in all fare zones. This program provides a no-hassle way for employees to take public transit to and from work while protecting the environment and saving money. PLEASE NOTE: PASS IS VALID FOR PRINTED DATES ONLY (31 DAYS FROM ACTIVATION). Passes are valid on a month-to-month basis on all RTS main routes. Information on fares, discounts for senior, disabled, low-income and student riders, plus deets on where to buy passes. Please have correct fare amount. Affiliate cards not valid. The District will not replace lost or stolen passes. Transfer is free and should be requested when boarding the bus and paying initial fare, $1.00 up-charge when used onboard CARTA Express, Unlimited use for three consecutive days upon first use, Unlimited use for seven consecutive days upon first use on all regular route service, Unlimited use for seven consecutive days upon first use on all routes, Unlimited use for 31 consecutive days upon first use, Unlimited use for 31 consecutive days upon first use on. As of Monday July 15, 2019 passengers will be allowed one transfer at no change. Schedules for campus and city routes are available at numerous campus locations including: the Reitz Union, the UF Bookstore and Welcome Center, and Shands. Call (352) 334-2600 for pass information. Phone: (843) 574-1810 Everything you need to know about paying for your OC Bus ride! In addition to single tickets, we offer a variety of monthly passes, including the Adult Monthly Passes (available for those 18 years and older), and the Youth Monthly Pass (available for those 6-17 years of age).These passes are valid for one calendar month and allow you unlimited rides on Calgary Transit during the one-month period. Disabled Fare — Regular Fixed Routes: $0.75 per ride. For more information or to schedule a meeting, please call Kimberly Sweigard 352-393-7852. Part of our commitment to the community is making RTS rides available and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. ADA certified individuals can ride any RTS fixed-route service for free – just show your valid ADA card. A valid Senior Citizen, Military/Vetaran or Disabled ID is required at time of purchase of the monthly half-fare pass for $17.50. Bearer may use this pass without limitation on any number of trips. Here at First Bus, we know that students appreciate cheaper bus travel, and if that's what you’re looking for, then our great value First Student bus passes make this possible. Military Passes are NOT sold at public libraries. Transfers are not allowed from DASH Shuttles. Pass is valid only for month purchased. All Semester Passes are offered at an 11% discount: September – December (4-month pass) October – January (4-month pass) January – April (4-month pass) January – May (5-month pass) February – May (4-month pass) For bus and subway passes, you’ll get a CharlieCard that is active for the entire semester. Phone: (843) 574-1800. Site Map. If you have questions or concerns regarding your pass purchase, please contact administration at (843) 724-7420. No fee required. RTS-Station 5 CARTA can not come to your location or detour from regular route service for your trip.
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